Privately crazy, open, talkative, bossy. Professionally creative, crisp, adoring darkness in paintings.

My name is Mróz Ewa

I am a woman, artist self-taught painter. I am complicated and I like myself.


I am from Bystrzyca, a small village located in the west of Poland. As a small child I loved to sneak into grandpa’s tool room and do something out of nothing. Many times I used different materials like a wood, paper, plasticine, fabric etc. to create extraordinary gifts for my family. Artistic needs to express myself have always been in my life. Moreover my family is artistically gifted, where many members used to paint and some are still painting. Since 2017 I have joined them. 

Earlier in 2013 I graduated University of Technology on faculty of Civil Engineering, specializing in construction of the roads and airports.  While I waat the same time studying and working on the building site I have decided to move to the Netherland where my future husband lived. In the new country, new place I have tried to express myself through making renovation of our house, building furniture and creating decorations. 

After living 3 years in the Netherland, in 2016 I moved to Germany. Finally, during being a full-time mother, staying whole day at home looking after my child, in June 2017, after 29 years looking for my own artistic path, I decided to start my painting career. Finally I found a way to express myself in 100%, having a joy and feeling freedom. 

Since then, to make my dream come true and became recognizable artist I’m painting continuously. Facing new challenges, every day I’m trying to develop myself. I am self-taught painter that’s why I try to learn and  use various painting techniques looking for an unexpected and surprising effects.  

Painting is my own way to express myself, where I can fulfill my artistic visions. It is also my daily portion of meditation, which calms me down. My paintings can be following on social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram as Art My Expression.